It is written That a distant shoreline May appear to tower Above its true height The rays bent And displaced you Alway shifting Not imaginary Painfully tangible Appearing in mirrors And on film And crossing thresholds Uninvited

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Finish Line

No matter how loyal you are How hard you fight for your team You can’t win They play every side And laugh While you cheer them To the finish line

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The Only Way

What the hell were you thinking? When the rose colored glass falls away The veils lifts And the oxytocin Vacates the veins It’s easy to realize That choosing them  Was a form of self harm  And that choosing you Is the only way  To stop

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It might be a conspiracy but we’re all in on it donning robes in the moonlight worshipping secretly at the altars of the things we denounce in public We are the shadowy rulers sentencing the innocents to their fate We point fingers and throw smoke bombs hiding in a great shroud of secrecy We’ve taken…

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“You’ll be so mad at yourself if you eat that,” he said. So I had the beans and rice instead of the mac n cheese. In retrospect, it made sense that they sculpted his leftovers into an aluminum foil pig. Photo by Fabian Blank

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